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VEVOR 30L Spray Paint Pressure Pot Tank Air Paint Pressure Pot Metal Rack Leak Repair Sealant for Industry Home Construction

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Especially useful for large painting projects
VEVOR’s high-capacity paint tank can hold more paint and efficiently complete both home and industrial painting tasks at one time. Thanks to its 30L bucket, you can easily handle large-area spray painting tasks effortlessly, reducing the trouble of repeated supplement of paint.
The pressure pot has a capacity of 30L/8gal with an inlet and outlet diameter of 1/4in and a fluid outlet diameter of 3/8in. It can accommodate more kinds of industrial paint jobs at once.
The handle on the can lid is used for mixing to avoid sticky and precipitating paint. The filter screen to effectively block impurities and avoid the problem of spray gun and pipe blockage.
You can adjust the pressure in a range of 0-70psi using the adjustable pressure knob, and the security valve automatically releases pressure when the air pressure exceeds 0.5Mpa.
4 lid clamps can firmly seal the tank. Besides, the thread sealant can also seal and prevent rust and corrosion. Our paint tank has passed a water tightness test with no gas leakage.
Features & Details
  • 30L Large Capacity: Introducing our state-of-the-art 30L/8gal spray paint pressure pot tank, with a 1/4″ inlet and outlet port and a 3/8″ fluid outlet port. This makes connecting to a spray gun easy for more efficient and effortless spraying on various surfaces. Super capacity to help you complete industrial-grade spray projects more efficiently and with less energy.

  • Manual Mixing: To ensure a high-quality spraying effect, you can use the handle on the lid to stir at a low speed to avoid paint getting sticky and precipitating. The suction tube equipped with a filter net can effectively isolate impurities and prevent the problem of spray gun blockage.

  • Adjustable Pressure: The paint tank pressure is adjustable with a maximum of 70psi. You can adjust it precisely with the pressure knob, and the accurate pressure gauge shows the real-time pressure. In addition, the safety valve of our pressure pot for painting automatically releases pressure when it exceeds 0.5Mpa to ensure secure operation.

  • Upgraded Sealing Performance: The paint pressure pot has been upgraded with high-quality, pressure-resistant metal material and a rubber sealing ring at the bucket mouth. It has four lid sealing clamps that securely close and are equipped with anti-rust and anti-leakage thread sealant. It has undergone a water tightness test before leaving the factory, ensuring no gas leakage issues.

  • Paint What You Want: Our epoxy pressure pot is versatile and suitable for home decoration and industrial spray painting. One person can easily complete spray painting tasks on home decor, walls, fences, construction vehicles, ships, and more. 4 castors were added under the body to move anywhere you want, solving the problems of heavy weight and inconvenience long-faced by traditional spray paint pressure pot tank.


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Model Number



Paint Spray Gun

Brand Name



Mainland China



Maximum Pressure


Air Inlet

1/4in 0.64cm

Air Outlet

3/8in 0.95cm

Tank Capacity

30L / 8Gal

Net Weight


Bucket Size DxH

32×40 cm

Product Size DxH

80×42.5 cm

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